About Me

Hello my name is Ricky Bell, 19 years old and I am a aspiring amatuer photographer, I am here looking for more opportunities to expand myself and learn. Someday I would like to become a professional. I don't limit myself to just one specialty of photography I want to do all kinds although my favorite event to shoot are sports events. I'm interested in working with people that are local. I reside in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Also the funny thing is I also like being in pictures as much as I love taking them. The camera that I use is a Sony A200K. If your all interested in knowing more then ask to your hearts extent.

My email address is rbwarrior3@gmail.com and my cellphone number is 910-574-1638 in case any of you want to contact me, I'd like to do some TFCD thats all good with me. By the way don't worry there will be no nude shots. By the way if I ever shoot with you and you do have to cancel for some reason please let it be for a good reason! and please don't just not show up at all and not let me know whats going on. I don't like my time being wasted just like you don't.

Here is a little more about myself. The highschool that I graduated from was Douglas Byrd High in 2009. For four years my sport was wrestling and I often times miss it. The college I currently attend is Fayetteville Technical Community College, my major is Business and Management.

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Heather Hoskins- she is a young, upcoming aspiring model that is determined and looking to expand herself to the best of her abilities

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