About Me

I'm a freelance photographer based near Kansas City. I don't shoot full time. My work is freelance. I've been shooting models via internet bookings for ten years. I take my work seriously. I am probably not the most published photographer here on MM, but I am very creative and experienced. I'm not about waisting my time or yours. About 80% of my shooting is done on location.

I like to do work that embraces both eroticism and commercial glamour. I also do fashion, art and other genres. And I prefer to work with models who are open-minded and like-minded regarding most visual content. The goal is to create great images.

Escorts are more than welcome if they (1) are another model, or (2) remain disconnected from the actual shoot (physically away from the shooting site), or (3) work as my assistant. If I feel that there is a distraction of any kind due to presence of the escort, the shoot may be terminated. You will get the best images if you do not bring an over-protective escort to the shoot.

Will do TFCD with models who I feel can add something to my port. Let's create.


I have had model's images in Fhm, Stuff, Maxim On-line, Maxim Hometown Hotties (numerous times), StareMagazine.Com, sports magazines, and many websites.


10 Jan 10 02:14
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