About Me

First and foremost, I like to have fun on a shoot. Second it's all about trying to produce great images.

As a photographer I have the unique perspective of being on both sides of the camera as I have also been modeling (MM #165169) for about 8 years. This gives me the ability to appreciate the difficulty/awkwardness of some of the posses and to help those that I shoot feel more comfortable, making it more fun for both of us.

I like to do things a bit more creative and I love images that tell some sort of story. Of course just being behind the camera is great. Like I said, I love being behind the camera, so I'm open to ideas and like to try to get images that are beneficial to us both.

Escorts are welcome.

As mentioned, I model myself so I understand the importance of your time and talent, but I don't pay models to shoot. At this point I'm doing "TF-" with select models. For everyone else, my rates are reasonable.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

TF Shoots
I need to do more location and life style work. For additional styles that I'd like to do, see the general section below. If you have an idea that you would like to try to bring to life, let's see if there is something on which we can collaborate.

I do not give out all images from a TF shoot. I pick what I feel represents both of our interest best and then provide those to you on a CD along with any modified or retouched images. If it is your goal or what you would like is to receive all images from a session with me, please inquire about my pricing.

I haven't worked with many MUAs/Stylists, and would love to change that. If you have any themes or ideas you'd like to try, feel free to contact me and we'll see what we can work out.

Beyond the above, I've been drawing for sometime and am looking to bring a few of my sketches to life. Hopefully it is not evident, but I like building props for studio shoots. It allows me to push the shoot a little further and get more elements in camera rather than adding it in photoshop. While in camera is the goal, as long as we get the desired out come it does not matter how it was achieved. So if you're up for shoots out of the ordinary and just like to have fun while getting some great shots maybe we can work together. It may not be a shot to show an agency, but it's fun and it's experience. Even with a shoot like these, before we get down to the extreme creativity I do like to try to get something you can show the agency.

Below are a few that went the other way(from photo to sketch).

The above two are done in Ebony pencil

Charcoal of Kerrie Clark #248624


Mayhem Models I've worked with:
#181559 — Jessie Newman
#108001 — Yongda
#248624 — Kerrie Clark
#504819 — -Titania-
#572340 — KacieK
#577710 — Mz Snow
#662658 — Eva Beyer
#670392 — Crystal J B
#1202008 — Courtney Witt

#45851 — T H Taylor