About Me

I'm not looking to "take your picture".

I want to capture your best look, show your personality and give you images that will help you do whatever you're looking to do. I enjoy collaboration, so we both can have ideas and try to nail them.

I want your time and I'll do my best to give you quality finished images.

I am a fun-loving Singapore based photographer who is passionate about Photography and Videography and would like to present Beauty at it's best! Hope to engage various models to explore various genres of photography. To me, Photography is not a job! It is a hobby where i believe that there has to be fun in doing it. I also hope to learn and grow as a photographer as i engage in more projects.

As i am just starting to build my portfolio, i am open to both TFCD and paid assignments for models.

If you are keen to engage on a project together, kindly email to jr.photography2010@gmail.com

Bring any escort you care to, as long as he/she: (a) understands it's about you, not them; (b) is not a jealous b/f or s/o and (c) doesn't bring a camera. Other than that, if it makes you comfortable, I'm fine with it.



11 Jun 10 07:23
Hi and welcome to iStudio!
10 Jun 10 13:05
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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