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About Me

JD Artistic Imagery in association with JD Multimedia Productions.

My name is Jay D. Moran "aka" JD, multimedia producer, photographer and digital artist.

JD Artistic Imagery creates fantasy digital art pieces through photo manipulation, 3D graphics, chromakey photography and digital artwork. Cyborgs, Dragons, unicorns, fairies and tigers are some of our specialty themes, but we can create almost any kind of scene and/or put you in any digital location or fantasy world you desire. We also offer image retouching & enhancement.


If you do not have the copyrights of your images please make sure to get approval and release from your photographer to have his images worked on, retouched etc... then send me your photo and a description of what you would like done.

If you would like to start from scratch by posing for your own photograph for a digital art theme piece contact me to send you some guidelines on selecting or shooting the photograph and/or to schedule a digital art theme photo shoot.


Digital Photography:

I have over four years experience in boudoir & outdoor commercial photography and over eight years in digital art and chromakey photography.

Please know that there’s no limits to my creativity and unique concepts. I love collaborating with models and photographers, open to all creative ideas.

Combining my photography and imagery wizardry allows me to capture the image you want to see or don’t want to see. That is the question?

Currently working on building my Glamour & Fine Art Nudes portfolio.

*Local models wanted - All shapes & sizes for:

Fine Art Nudes
Glamour Nudes
Creative Fantasy Art Nudes
Artistic & Erotic Art Themes

*I will only ask a model to shoot fine art nudes if it's part of the models artistic genre and/or, if I'm asked by the model for this type of photography session.

I'm always striving for better photography and infinite creativity. Let's get creative together and do something spectacular! If you are looking to enhance your port please email me at jd@jdmultimediaproductions.com or through MM.

**Must be 21 or older. Proper ID and Model release form required.

***Escorts are always welcome. But must be quiet and, out of the way of shoot area.

Paid Shoots - Who Pay's

*If I request to shoot with a model for my own artistic and creative value, portfolio and copyrights. Then I will compensate the model.

**If a model request to shoot with me and specifically wants photos for her portfolio,then the model will compensate me. Unless a TF can be agreed upon.

Very limited and selective TF's, but considered.
Please contact me for TF requirements.


With the recent launch of our Motion Media Division we hope to establish great networking connections with many , Models, Actors, Make-Up Artists, Fashion Designers and Photographers.

Motion Media Productions:

High-impact videos with a WOW! Factor. Each video is designed with animated text intros, perfectly timed transitions, coordinating backgrounds, music, and professional motion effects to give you a truly amazing show. We focus on your photos with every production to capture your story and explore new paths of creativity.

Awesome way for models, photographers and artists to feature thier online portfolios.

View Sample of our Model Video Slide Show Production, featuring randomly selected MM#781035 Model SexyJohanie at our youtube channel listed below.


Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.
--Ambrose Bierce



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