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About Me

I don't believe in tomorrows anymore. They are imaginary to me, like god and global warming.

There is no tomorrow. There is only today.


Tampa, Fetishcon - August 8-11
I try to keep my shoots 35% professional at all times. I expect the same of any model I shoot with!

I can speak Russian in fluent Spanish.




There are exceptions, you probably aren't an exception.

I will propose ideas that will scare the weak of heart. If you have a pacemaker, it's probably best that we not work together.

Nakedness required.

Model release required. 2257 form required, which means you need to bring Photo ID

I may or may not actually engage you in conversation. I can be quiet at times. I can also be pretty focued on "working."


3 photosets live on Zivity.com
400 billion sets on the yet to be launched perversefixation.com

Kinsey gallery juried show 2008
Crybaby Gallery Art at Large juried show 2008
Dirty Show 10 - Photography Honorable Mention
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2009
World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Volume 3
Kinsey gallery juried show 2009
strikeArtUndressed Exhibition 2009/strike fuck them, son.
Dirty Show 10.5
Dirty Show 11
Rochester Erotic Arts Festival
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2010

Soon on the front of your platinum Visa Card


21 Jul 10 16:11
Hello! Welcome to iStudio ! :@) Pietro
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