Clint Carney
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About Me

I have been drawing and painting since I was very young. My art is hanging in several galleries throughout the US and in countless art collections around the world. My published work includes a series of serial killer portraits done for Serial Killer Magazine, as well as artwork for various recording artists, publications, films, etc.
I am always looking for new models to paint. I like painting people with unusual looks who aren't afraid to do something out of the norm. I don't paint glamor shots, or straight up portraiture. If I paint you, it will not necessarily be flattering, but I will try my best to capture your essence in the piece while telling the story that I set out to create.


28 Aug 10 11:42
Hi Clint, Welcome here! I would love to invite you to my corner! Don't worry, I am quite sick too! :@) Pietro
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