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Namasté! Remember your joyful inner child.


Do you want to work with me? I advise you read my port before you think we will work together.

Whether you act, dance or model, you need to have great photos. All photographers need great photos in their ports to demonstrate they deserve to be paid for their work, too.

As a model, my stats are closest to these two famous fashion models: Devon Aoki (5-5) and Kate Moss (5-6.5). I am taller than Devon and the same height as Kate. I wear a size 0-2 dress and my measuerements pretty much stay around 34-24-34. Sometimes I fluctuate a half inch below those sizes or a half inch above.

I am a little more shapely than Kate Moss, but still boney. Some people actually have thought I was anorexic, and that is definitely not my problem. All it takes is to eat very healthy foods and exercise daily. My body to fat ratio is very low, and I do come in just at the wire.

I like the work that Devon and Kate have done as models because they show how beautiful and interesting a shorter model can look in fashion. Be sure and check out their work online so you understand some of what I'm looking for in your port. I'm also looking for your paid tear sheets in your port, and who likes your work enough to pay you. Otherwise, why should I pay you? Who have you worked with?


As a model, I am looking to do print work for fashion magazine type tears and paid work for both of us. I am very specific about what I want. I do not want to simply test unless it is to make money, and I do not want to make money by just working with anyone. It is not just about the money and if your work is not what I like, it won't matter if you want to pay me. If I am paying you, what is it going to do for me?

I am looking to work with the best photographers/MUAs/stylists/
designers who already know how to produce GREAT agency-type images (similar to what you would see in fashion magazines) that could be used as a tear:

~ B e a u t y ~ E d i t o r i a l ~ F a s h i o n ~

These photos could be used for E-C o m p / Z e d C a r d s.

Please send an email with the following:

~~Your full business name and company name (web & offline address)
~~Your contact info (land line & cell phone - best times to call), professional references
~~Viewable portfolio (online, including all high quality fashion/editorial/commercial work & tear sheets)
~~Description/examples of any project you have in mind
~~Links to who you want to work with (MUAs, Wardrobe Stylists, etc.). I need to see all work of people involved in any shoot first before scheduling or agreeing to anything. I want to network with photographers, muas, hair and wardrobe stylists who happen to be in the same location I am, with open schedules at the same time, do the kind of work I/we want to do and will offer something new, exciting and fresh to all our portfolios.

I travel a lot when I teach and often don't have time for shoots, however, I'm working on that as I usually only have time for my pro dance comps (often with students along).

Thank you.


I have experience as a paid model and actress, with print, television, indie film, runway, trade show, and promotional work at the local, regional, national and international levels.


I have studied various forms of dance for many years. I also practice hatha yoga. I am an experienced ballroom dance competitor, choreographer and instructor. I travel quite a bit.

I also sing (since very young), used to be in a children's chorus, also in a rock and roll band and I have recorded. I am working on my music as well.

I have taken a wonderful variety of acting, dance, improv, voice and movement classes.


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