About Me

Acting, music, dance and modeling are ways I enjoy being creative and make money. If you have any photo concepts, are completely professional (and verfiable), let's talk. I need to see your work first before working with you: website, links, publications, etc. I want any work we do together to look like it is ready to (or could) be published.


Experience with print, runway, hair, promotional modeling. Experienced in theater and the performing arts; also, various types of dance (ballet, modern, ballroom, Latin, tango, etc.). I had a lead role in an indie short film. I play guitar and sing. I keep myself very healthy and fit.


06 Jul 09 23:46
Thank you, belatedly, for the compliment... I am waiting, too... for this site to pick up with more talent like yourself!
07 May 09 03:36
Thanks for the friend request :)
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