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I have been working under the title of Mastertouch in one form or another for the past ten years... 'Mastertouch' is now my studio name and I will be working under my real name, Peter Stanton from now on.



Established, internationally published, alternative art photographer with strong fan base is ready for a slight change in direction and seeks to build a more fashion/editorial based portfolio.

This is an open invitation to all who may be interested in working together... Up and coming Models, Designers, Makeup artists, Stylists etc... Im looking for STRONG, creative individuals that are commited to creating consistent and dynamic fashion based imagery with a twist.

I want partners that are not afraid to push into unchartered waters and insist on a solid "CAN DO" attittude. I want to work with Rockstars in their own fields and I have a decent sized studio and work area ready to go...

I am skilled in editing and in communication with other like minded creatives. As you will no doubt see from my portfolio, most of my work to date involves fine art or alt fetish but I am looking to supplement that with this venture... not replace it...

Looking forward to your interest and possible collaborative adventures.




I am here to network and build a strong portfolio of alternative emotive work in the process...

Most of the models I work with, have become good friends and as such I choose to work on a 'development' basis with an ongoing vision to create some really interesting and sometimes intense art.

I work with sets, props and at the very least some degree of texture. Unless you have the wardrobe from hell, a charismatic rock-star sensibility or have something I find strangely interesting, it will involve some degree of tasteful nudity... And no, I don't do implied nudes so forget the hand bras.

I am focused, determined and committed to creating powerful, interesting and intense imagery that will stand proudly on a world stage.... All I have wanted to do for a long time is consistently create great art that challenges, emotes and has lasting dialog.

I regularly travel to Queensland to shoot, so keep an eye out for travel details.

You know the deal... Look though my port and ask yourself if you want the really big shots, who should you be working with?...

Note me.


All my models are 18+

My direct Email: mastertouch@gmail.com
DeviantArt: www.mastertouch.deviantart.com - My main body of work
www.myspace.com/mastertouch - MySpace... feel free to add me
http://www.modelmayhem.com/1481908 My photo editing showcase
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001633414744 Everyone has one now right?

"I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.
- Helmut Newton

“If I had one wish it would be to make photography cool again. Cool does not belong to chefs and hairdressers it belongs to photographers” - Damian McGillicuddy, Lord of Kerry, 2007.

"Attended your exhibition last Friday night in St.Kilda and was very impressed with your work. They are visually stunning but what impressed me most was the transparent connection between model and photographer that is so clearly evident in the images."
Tonyr - DeviantArt


Designers -

Matt Bylett Designs
Dungeon Down Under
StreetCrimes Apparel

Publications -

Meluxine by Mastertouch - 2008-2008

Marquis #48 - Spread

Lmh June 2010 - cover & Feature article

Twisted Vixens and Book of the Dead


http://www.zivity.com/models/Meluxine/photosets/1 -
Meluxine vs the Red Chair

Ode to a Shiny Blue Benchtop Featuring KateyD

Sigar Ros - Featuring Meluxine

The Wrecking Yard - featuring Meluxine

Dove - featuring Meluxine

Most Haunted - Featuring Meluxine

My interview on fIXE Magazine

Offline - Reality - Exhibitions

SHE - a celebration of the female form - March 26
Red Door Dural

Rockstars, Heretics and Catalysts Aug-October 2010
Solo Exhibition, Abode Gallery, St Kilda Melbourne

Lush n Loud's SIN-ergy Exhibition 12 October 2010
Potts Point Sydney


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