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My main contact e-mail is jhigdon@jhigdon.com
Find me on deviantArt as quantumelement and as terraforms
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Eating, breathing, walking and once in a while reading a book.


03 Jan 17 16:15
Nice Photos :)
05 Aug 11 00:53
Oh my gosh, thank you!
19 Jan 11 22:01
That sounds like a great idea! E-mail me with more info!! Let's do this!
18 Jan 11 15:26
Thanks for the pic comment!!!
31 Aug 10 03:42
hope all is well, please vote for me in the bikini contest at http://www.lookswimwear.com/contest/index.php?c=contestant&contestant_id=524&round_id=68 thanks for ur support, please pass this on thanks.
24 Aug 10 14:02
Thanks for the Tag ! and the compliment !
24 Aug 10 11:02
lol, looking forward to sat,
19 Aug 10 15:28
thanks for the comment on my photo ! you do lovely work :)
24 Jul 10 04:00
Well hello again :) Mihaela
23 Jul 10 18:53
Thanks for the tag! I will let you know the next time in Austin! Your work work is great too!
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