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BBBimage&Media Studios 2016 Vision:

The studio in 2016 will work to make sure the images are above standard and for each and every client their vision has been fulfilled.
We also are striving to make the working experience for all something they will enjoy doing we hope that every model and staff members works hard but also has fun doing it.
We are looking for project that will show the beauty of the female form.

We also would enjoy anyone to like us or follow us on social media both Facebook and twitter. We will post some update first to social media
Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBBimagemediastudios
Twitter @bbbimagemedia

Contact emails:

Projects for the Q2 of 2016
Poster for Fishing Client
Calendar for Client models in and around sand
Open Castings in Austin,Indianapolis,Atlanta and one location TBA
Mermaid Project
Fishing and Beer Project (Model MUST be 21 or older)

What is BBBimage&Media Studios?

We are a studio that bring out the essence of beauty in our images for our clients and models. We believe that beauty can be found and captured in anything or anyone. We see beauty in many forms and love working old school beauty....


We work with clients who projects are from the very small to multiyear projects (calendars, Posters, etc., )..If you are not willing to work hard to get the best images possible and if you are doing this "half assed" then stop reading and MOVE ON...

WE need models info (Age , measurements type of modeling or project interested in and a photo please with any e-mail sent to studio to be considered for work) We WILL NOT go in blind with no info for our clients

YES the studio does do Nude work but we will NEVER ask any model for that type of work unless that model has that skill set listed.

You models might ask what I get out of working with the studio.

You will receive up to five (5) non watermarked images on commercial projects and a set amount when shooting stock (somewhere from 15-20 images) anymore images will cost you rates can be discussed. This is a business and I am too busy to adjust this without notice sorry!!!!!
Commercial projects are discussed and booked prior to the project shot date.
Stock images will have a commission rate and all nude stock work comes with a monetary rate either hourly or block.
Hair / make up and staffing issues are handled prior in any project.

What is asked of the models?

Not to flake, cancel or no show because this is a business and this business doesn’t give second chances….
To be open to ideals and be able to get the work done with a smile..And be a risk taker
To be on time and ready to work and if you bring an escort make sure they know they are a reflection of you and if there are any problems either on set or off the project will be over!!!
To enjoy the shoot and have input on what you think will give the project/shoot the best images for you and the client.
To UNDERSTAND you are the product and the client will ask a lot of you since you might be part of the clients “brand”

Do we do TFP/TFCD
Yep…Model can contact the studio with ideals and what they might want to improve their profile or increase their book of images.
We do not shot TFP/TFCD on the weekends….

Can a model(s) get their portfolio work done with the studio?

Yep details below….

Models Portfolio Development: (1/2 day starting @$400.00 full day starting at $750.00)
We also work with any models looking to improve and develop their own portfolios. We will include a one hour meeting with all parties involved in the shot such as hair/make up/model and photographer and develop an outline of the images the model is looking to create.
We block in 1/2 day block (4 Hours) or if the model would like we can block a full day (7 Hours) Changes on hair and makeup to 2 changes (looks) 1/2 day and 4 changes (looks) for the full day. We will give a model a free half day if they have a great ideal or just WOW us…Always looking to help the starting models that need and want strong images or some extra time in front of the camera.

Do we work with model under 18……

Yes we work with models 16-18 with a parent present at all times during the shoot as well as a “staff” member other than the photographer also there. We do not fly models under 16 for any projects and flight s are very limited from 16-18.
A parent/guardian must sign off on all images taken during the shoot .A parent/guardian must VIEW all images….

Studio Polices:
WE do not pay models any upfront money to models or agents. Also MODELS do not set the project rate our Clients do!!!!!
Travel costs may factor into the modeling rate ….Lodging/Food Allowance if called for in the project breakdown
We pay CAFE rates for all travel other than air travel.
We require all models to supply two (2) forms of ID to be kept on file for up to five (5) years.
Limit ONE escort and that escort CAN NOT be in studio during any project without prior notice.
No social Networking of ANY kind while on set this is a studio not a dating service
All models will sign all paperwork and releases before they leave any test/shot.
ALL Models/escorts will sign a confidentiality and Non-disclosure document.(We can send it prior to any project)
BBBimage&Media will request all contracts thru an agency or other who might speak for the model is reviewed by our legal department if requested by either party.
All Models will be given up to 45 days days notice to travel


We believe in the privacy of the models and their image and will only post images after I have been give written consent by the model. We will always have the best interest of the model/talent as our top priority.

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”
― Ansel Adams


03 Feb 14 12:45
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
27 Jan 14 22:57
Gorgeous port! Best of luck :)
08 Mar 13 10:35
Hi Carl and thanks for the recent pic comment. It is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work yourself. Best wishes, Jeff...
08 Feb 13 12:55
Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your kind words.
03 Jan 13 01:17
Hey Happy New Year! Have not heard from you in a bit. Hopefully you are doing well and everything is still in order.
20 Aug 12 19:02
If you are ever close to Toronto, I would love to work with you. I have the "attitude" you seek and believe that team work and respect for one another are very important. PJ
08 Mar 12 14:58
great work bud
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