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I am a person who has a hobby in the audiovisual field. there are few works (short films in particular) that I do. in addition there is also a short film advertising and music video band I've ever worked. I am not including people who commercially in this field. all I would do the home does not become a disadvantage for me. if you are interested to cooperate with me, please contact me via email. all I do with passion, because this is my job. now I'm working on a documentary about football fans "Aremania". and for a short film, I along with ten of my friends are planning a making of a film entitled "Black Point". I can make you what works in the audiovisual field. be it movies, commercials adv, documentaries, music video, company profiles, and others. for royalties, we can discuss it further. I'd be delighted to work with you, and I will work professionally. make other people feel satisfied, that's my pride.
in addition to my activities in the above, I'm starting to learn photography. there are some works that I have created.

Contact Person :
We Chat : doorio
Line : doorioo
Instagram : doorioo
WhatsApp : Rio Armando
Path : Rio Armando
Twitter : @doorio



24 Aug 11 23:35
Thanks for the FR :) . . . . . Visit : www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans
28 Feb 11 22:40
thanks for the FR! ;^)
01 Jan 11 23:55
Thanks for the FR!
25 Dec 10 22:24
20 Dec 10 09:53
Thanks for the FR xo
20 Dec 10 05:15
Thanks for the FR. Always glad to expand our friends and network.
13 Dec 10 22:11
thank you very much for adding adik....hope adik will be able to have an opportunity some day....thanks
17 Nov 10 12:14
Thanks for the FR! :)
17 Nov 10 10:18
Thanks for thr FR. :@) Pietro
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