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I am a freelance photographer currently based out of Montreal. My specialties are Fashion & artistic/abstract body shots. My work also includes swimwear, lingerie, glamour, artistic/implied, architectural, landscape etc.

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My rates are extremely reasonable: Please send me an email or call me for rate information.

Test Shoots (TFP/CD)----On occasion, I do offer/except Test Shoots with models depending on the circumstances.

Note: All of my photo shoots are professional environments. Professional conduct is expected at all times from all models and photography/production staff. Please show up on time and be ready on time.

If I ask you for a comment, it is to open doors that go both ways. I am not looking for approval from some elitist group of people or a reassuring tummy rub. I am letting you know that your opinion is valid and I value it. I love to meet new people and I love to create ART! If you are a “big shot”, check your ego at the door. I don’t care who you are or what you make in a year. If you lead with your ego, you're not a big deal.

Photography is something that can be undertaken by anyone with a camera. After all, you just have to direct your camera at something and click it. While anybody can just take a picture, not everyone can create a unique work of art. It takes more than an expensive and famous camera brand to capture and convey the creative vision of an artist. It takes talent and eye for detail to be able to capture unique moments and striking poses.



Sophie (Hair & Make up) *174942* Tania Dufour (Hair & make-up) JessicaP (model) *324053* K4th (model) *826758* blue_eyes (model) *145634* malezia pearl (model) *372024* Joanie Darveau (model) *729806* KeenaQc (model) *70734* Dollie von Rubber (model) *328513* Milene Picotin (model) Lili Star ( model) shane (model) Alexa Love Madria (model) *122977* Terrie Fox (model) *764742* emylie (model) *302806* little monster (model) *411993* Imane Chaa (model) *537031* Marie-Maude (model) *484389* Christelle D (model) *90362* Malice Vile (model) *265788* Eva Morgan Reeve (model) *158896* Isabelle Stephen (model) *4780* Amellya (model) *40591* amélie C (model) Maroline (model) Emilie champagne (model) Julie R (model) Diago Ablea (model) Vallerie D. ( model) Karelle Jomphe (model) Céline Gonin (model) RachelGauthier (model) *758592* Pixie (model)*694980* Mim's Jackson (model) Sara Bilodeau' (model) Elisa Léonard (model) Anaïs Laverdure Collin (model) (MUA) Alex boufard (MUA) Jessika morin (Model ) Annie fillion (MUA ) Christina Hillman ( model ) véronique leblanc (model ) Sophie 9 (model) Stephanie aubrie (model) OCCUPATION DOUBLE 2010 (model)


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