About Me

My name is Alphonso Edmond of Alfonzphotographics.

I operate a small studio located in the Historic Art District {NoDa},of Charlotte,NC.
My areas of interest are Fashion/Beauty/Glamour Photography.

Just like everyone else on this site, the same quote's apply "I'm a publish photographer" & "my rates are reasonable"
Starting at $100.00 ~ $400.00..this makes working with me affordable to everyone
who's serious and feels working with me will improve their portfolios...

I'm not the best here and by no means the worst!

Before we schedule a shoot I will have to meet you, if you're outside of Charlotte then a real conversation by phone
is necessary!
The most obvious reason, I'd like to see what you look like in person. I'm a photographer, I use Photoshop,
I can make anyone look into anything (within reason), so before I commit to a shoot, I want to see you up close, as little make up as possible. Also, I want to get a sense of our work chemistry, your punctuality, work ethic and whether we see eye-to-eye on concepts. The initial meeting lasts about half an hour and you can bring a couple of outfits relevant to the shoot we're planning. I will then plan the shoot, scout locations, discuss setups and wardrobe beforehand and the day of the shoot I will execute the concepts we settled on as best I can.

Notice: The statements below are not orignal thoughts,I'm just paraphrasing ideals other photographers here have
stated that I'm in total agreement with..to them I give thanks.

Under certain situations which are listed below I am accepting.
If you do not fit the profile then expect to be charged for my services. The point or purpose of TFCD is to "step your game up" so if you're not helping me step my game up then I'm not getting anything out of it!
I'm hoping that in posting this I do not piss anyone off, but instead save everyone from wasted time and emails by stating my desires up front.
I definitely look forward to working with many of you!!!


A model must be at least 5'8" and be no larger than a size 4 unless you have an amazing look in which case you will still need to appear to be tall.
Have to have an understanding of what fashion modeling is.
Have to be able to put together your own makeup artist and stylist or be able to provide your own clothing (unique pieces or combinations of clothing).

It's a lot less time consuming for you to find a makeup artist/stylist that fits your budget and who wants to work with you than it is for me.

Be willing to be as edgy and over the top as any and all images you see in fashion magazine's.
(which is the type of work I want to produce)


Have the body of a successful glamour model! By that I simply mean,Look like the models in your favorite glamour magazines if you are requesting TFCD.

By no means can you be afraid of your body or to tap into your own sex appeal. Glamour is about you as a model and the sex appeal you present and if that bothers you than you can't deliver strong glamour images. Be ready to do up to implied nude images! It's 2011 and implied nudity has graced the pages of every glamour magazine. Not only that but you see many magazines that aren't considered glamour magazines who are shooting implied nude images for their covers. It's the direction we're obviously headed into in this industry.

If we're shooting TF - I do not allow escorts on the set, whether it's studio or location (but I do allow a driver to drop you off, shake my hand, help you carry your bags, etc.).
- If you're new to modeling, I want you to focus on the camera and what you're doing, and having your friend on the set makes that much more difficult.
- If we're shooting studio (which happens to be at my loft), I can't be bothered trying to keep an eye on an escort and shooting at the same time!
If you do your homework, and contact models I've worked with before - you'd probably realize that you don't need an escort - and we'll both get better photos out of the shoot!