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F.ALT - [ FREAK ALTERNATIVE ] - Photography - Nikita Gushue
+++ Pin Up . Fetish . Fashion . Tattoo . Commercial +++


NO TFP. For information on my availability and rates, please contact me.

I've never been the best at writing things about myself, so when it comes to "selling myself" I try my best to have my work speak for me. I hope that doesn't sound to egotistical.
My parent's decided to name me Nikita Gushue, so far it's worked out very nicely (aside from being asked if I was named after the show countless times). I tend to find anything crazy or controversial to be fascinating, and am easily bored with proper ways of doing things. I'm not saying I'm indie, goth, punk, or whatever you kids are into these days; I just love a million different things; one being photography, and 735186 things that are more popular in what most consider to be "alternative lifestyles". I guess its clear that I love photography more then any other interest.

All services payable via PayPal (verified), or Email transfer (Canada only)


References can be found through-out my retouching album.
Contact me for more information

Models, Make-up artists, hair stylists and designers:
Please have permission from the original photographer prior to me
editing your work. If permission cannot be obtained then
you must take assumed liability.


16 Jun 11 22:48
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
19 May 11 15:20
Great work. Love your techniques.
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