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I am also a long time member of Model Mayhem #290329. The credits shown below refer to that site's model member numbers. Photography is a passion. Creativity in photography is a true art form and personal desire. Working with stunning and dedicated individuals allows me to achieve that goal. I enjoy working with models that have a unique look and wish to help become part of the vision that I have for an image. I routinely work with models with all levels of experience from beginning to professional. TFCD is an option we can discuss.

I am always open to a creative collaboration with a model that is as dedicated to the end result as I am. If you would like to set up a shoot, contact me through this site and lets see what we can do.

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"He was absolutely amazing to work with. Gave very good direction and made me, the model, feel very comfortable! Would love to work with him again!" Meredith Nicole, MM #1384555

"He is a delight to work with, always very polite and respectful. Not only that, He is a blast! He is very easy to talk to, and open up to. You will NEVER feel awkward in a photo shoot He always makes sure you are comfortable and happy! I could not ask for more in a photographer:) Thanks!
*Chelsea-leigh #MM 762547

"I had a GREAT time today! I think the shoot couldn't have gone better, we make a great team and I'm looking forward to our next one!"....Kara Lorcan, MM#1111585

"I'm so excited about our shoot today! I think we got some really great stuff! Thanks for being so professional with me and such a gentleman! I look forward to shooting with you again soon. You rock!!"....Whitney Carson, MM# 640216

“You gave me the best first impression I have gotten from a photographer yet. You are one of a kind. You really know how to make a model feel confident in her poses/face/ an overall look. You are fun, outgoing, and such a joy to be around and brilliant with outcome results of true art. Thanks so much for everything.” …Brittany Powell, MM# 1129655

"Thanks again for a great shoot. Your direction was incredibly helpful, the location was awesome, and you made me feel comfortable and confident. Can't wait to see the pics!" Brittany Briddell, MM#785996

"I had such a blast working with you. It was fun. You made me feel comfortable. Your locations were exciting and I can't wait to see the images!"..."blondie" aka Hailey Breanne, MM#1132055

"Thank you so much for shooting with me today! You were so amazing and so helpful. The shots were stunning and the locations took my breath away. Today was the most fun I have ever had during a photo shoot. You helped keep my mind off stressful issues and because of that, I was able to relax and just have fun. I really hope to work with you again really soon." MM #893408

"Thank you so much for shooting with me today! You're very fun and easy to work with. I know we got some great shots, and I'm looking forward to working with you again soon!"
Stephie MM# 829168

"Our shoot went very well, not only was I comfortable during the shoot but also before, because of how we had discussed ideas and conversed prior to our shoot. I had a lot of fun and I felt we were both eager to get amazing images from our shoot. I can't wait to work together again!" Lauren MM# 506411

"The pictures are AWSOME! I absolutely love them." Courtney Kenny, MM #761228

"He was very creative with his shots, he really gets you in unique positions and is great at what he does.. I'd high recommend him, especially if you want to ad something special to your portfolio." #767841

"I had such a great time shooting with you! You made me feel so comfortable and I can't wait to shoot again!" MM #753531

"I had a GREAT time on our shoot & got some of the best images I've seen yet. Thank you so much!! Can't wait to do it again!" Jeanie MM#688759"

Thanks for doing the shoot with me this week!! I had a really great time, you were a great to work with!! really loved the places we shot...they were different and edgy!! Working with you was easy...thanks!! I know the end result will be great!! MM #776639

I had such a blast shooting with you! It was fun"...PaigeC #55212

"I really appreciate your shooting style. You seem to always find an edgy pose for your models, but they still look natural and comfortable. Legs always look long and they maintain a very feminine look." -Ariel, MM#685139

"I had such an awesome time shooting yesterday. Your great to work with. Can't wait till the next shoot." - Nicole Lee, MM#322738

"I had a great time shooting with you this past weekend! We really made some awesome images! You are very easy to work with. Laid-back, open to suggestions, and daring! I was very comfortable working with you. From the very first contact on MM you presented yourself with professionalism. The lines of communication were open and you had a good sense and vision of what you wanted to get out of the shoot." MM #8


08 Jan 10 12:20
Very very nice work! I love it!!!
03 Dec 09 18:12
Most excellent work!!!
29 Nov 09 21:18
You have such a fantastic portfolio. I am sure to return many times in the future. I also have to say that the models you work with are all simply amazingly gorgeous. Keep up the incredible work.
26 Nov 09 19:06
Thx for your nice comment. Nice work yourself!
24 Nov 09 23:10
Outstanding photos.... Fantastic Legs!!!
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