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**Please let it be noted that I have cut my hair much shorter than on my portfolio. I now have a blue and black mohawk. If this doesn't work well with photographers, a wig can always be worn. Pictures of my hair will be posted as soon as possible.**

Hi, I'm Skye Sabrina Skullface. :)
I am a nude model for photographers and also an artist model for UWF.
I work in Southeastern Alabama and Northwestern Florida with photographers who are interested in making art and preserving a moment in film.I am willing to travel for work but only if expenses are covered and I am confident in working with you. If you are interested in booking with me from this site, please message me and together we can work something out.

The genres I am mainly interested in working in are fetish, urban decay, modern pinup, horror/macabre, rockabilly, bondage, deathrock, and goth. I am more than willing to do other genres, these are only examples of my favorites to work within. I've done au natural and bohemian work as well as cosplay.
I do both nude and non-nude work, so to find out the rates for both, please contact me. I prefer to do paid work if it involves nudity but am willing to compromise with TFP only if it improves both portfolios significantly. Any other photo shoots, I'm happy to work for pictures.
I'm also looking to work with photographers in exchange for a Premium Membership, for I'm in great need of one at the moment.
I am experienced in photomanipulation and graphic design, as well as 2D Studio Art and photography.
Don't hesitate to message me if you want to talk. I love meeting, chatting, and working with new people.

Piercings: 7 (snakebites, bridge, ears, tongue, and bellybutton)
Tattoos: 1 (angel wings on upper back)


05 Sep 11 02:04
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
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