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My name is Alpa Patel. I am passionate about photography. I am a foodie and love to travel. From my life experiences, I came to believe that photography has the power to empower. I went to a portrait photographer to get my picture taken after being diagnosed with a medical condition. My medication’s side effect gave me acne. I go to a get my photo taken with a photographer and I found myself disappointed with the acne on my face. One day, I was reading Vogue and I looked at a L’Oreal makeup ad and thought to myself, gosh I wish my skin looked this beautiful. I asked a friend to retouched my photo and then framed it. I looked at it daily and started to feel more positive. As a result, I found myself taking steps to improve my acne vs. just saying...I have acne and my skin looks terrible.

This experience led me to develop Retouch Makeup, a high quality professional photo enhancing and retouching service. Retouch Makeup provides photographers and models with magazine quality photos at a reasonable price. Please visit www.retouchmakeup.com to learn more about us.


09 Mar 12 01:37
I like your bio :) very nice! Good luck and feel free to check out my work on Facebook - Brunette Grenade Retouching
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