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Hey! If you're modest, shy, afraid of a little skin, or worried about what your mama might think, then I think you may have the wrong photographer.

Without Models I have nothing but an empty camera, Yea I can go shoot trees and moose but trying to get trees to move or a moose to hold it, is a bit hard so I like to shoot models!

Dang it's all for art anyhow.

By Appointment only! Rates depend on style of session, so feel free to contact me about them.

For more information see my website www.affinityimage.com



Model Blair

Model Adrina


16 Aug 11 15:52
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you sir
26 Nov 10 22:06
You are welcome. Your figure work is classic and outstanding.
26 Nov 10 20:39
beautiful work i love it hope someday we can work together http://zarihsretouching.com/
15 Nov 10 23:49
Thank you for FR. Your portfolio is amazing, love your work!!! Brenda
04 Jun 10 07:11
Thank you for tag. Please visit my page any pics comment are welcome
03 Jun 10 06:34
Hello! Welcome to IS!
02 Jun 10 20:10
Thanks! Let me know if you'd like to send one over :)
02 Jun 10 19:01
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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