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My interest in photography is primarily the female form. Also I photograph lots of landscapes using the ladies to
compliment the scene. I have photographed the fairer sex for years (40 years experience) and enjoy the beauty and challenge of creating and bringing out the best in every woman I photograph. Recently I have gone mostly to Digital photography and love the flexibility it offers. I'm looking forward to hearing from those that are truly interested in modeling for a fun experience. I'm interested in working with beginners to advance models who are interested in up grading their portfolio's. I gladly shoot TFCD with select models and do my own touch up work. I'm not here to build a portfolio; I have more than enough photos to do that with. But I do have a great deal to offer if you are trying to build yours.

One last thing--NO FLAKES!! If you stand me up after scheduling a photoshoot with me, not nice. It takes creative energy, time, expense and planning to make a shoot something we can be proud of. It doesn't just happen accidentally. Imagine if I didn't show after you had gone to the trouble of preparing for the shoot. Isn't your time more valuable than that? Mine is....

If interested please contact me at my e-mail address. fennway@suddenlink.net or use this site to contact me.

Any model that schedules a shoot and then No Shows No Call, will never be scheduled again… and I will be pleased to tell other Photographers who message me the story about you!




Photographer of the year for Western Photographer magazine in California. Many winners in NVR's model of the month contests and recently one of my models was chosen as Model of the Month for the spread on the NVR website. This is the first model from Arkansas to gain that recognition. Also I have had many publications in Arkansas and California. Now looking forward to Utah. 0


21 Feb 14 14:55
Nice port! Wishing you all the best.
05 Apr 12 14:09
Thanks for the friend request--welcome to Utah!
29 Mar 12 09:20
Just starting to set up port.
29 Mar 12 07:43
great port.
28 Mar 12 23:11
Photo Retoucher available! "Like" Brunette Grenade Retouching on Facebook for a chance to win FREE photo retouching :)
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