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Hey Loves,

My name is Millie Reid, I am a 22 years old and an aspiring Model/Actress/Producer/Director. I am originally from New Jersey but I relocated this year to Los Angeles, California. My ethnicity is Jamaican (Irish, Chinese,German and Indian.) I have been modeling for three years now and acting for over a decade. Every year has been open doors, and I have been blessed with so much opportunity. My modeling goal is to get in Maxim and Sports Illustrated. At the age of 13, I was signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency but my Mom wanted me to focus on getting an education. So after graduating college in May 2012, I chose to follow my real dreams which is to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

In my teens, I was also involved in performing arts. I was in every play from ”Ferris Bueller’s day off to “Alice and wonderland”, to acting in my first Horror film “Hate’s Haunted Slay’s Ride” in 2010. My acting goal would have to be in an action film with Vin Diesel. I love would to show my athleticism. I stand 5’10 with olive skin and honey blonde hair. I am curvaceous but it’s all in the right places. My best asset has to be my smile, it compliments my personality which is contagious, I can brighten up any room. I like to make people laugh and put a smile on their faces. I am also an extrovert, I love to meet people and to network. A good quality about me is that I am loyal and trustworthy. I believe my dreams can only come true, if I have have a strong rapport with my team. If I could give advice to a person who wants to pursue a dream, I would tell them....

“If you live your life everyday wondering about what people think of you, you will never reach your pinnacle of success. “



14 Oct 14 19:47
Thanks for the add
17 Apr 14 12:52
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23 Jan 14 01:09
Great legs and wonderful look!
30 Aug 13 10:15
Beautiful!!, thanks for FR, good luck in your pursuit of your dreams. Please call on me if I can be of service to you! Best, Jon
01 Jul 13 02:19
Wonderful look.
23 Jun 13 05:30
Thank you for the friend request Millie!!! Best Wishes!!!
21 Jun 13 10:50
Thanks for the add
19 Jun 13 11:34
Hi Millie! Thank you for the friend request!
14 Jun 13 16:43
Hey Now! Let's do something together.
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