About Me

I have been creating moving images for over 20 years and the light keeps appearing with new creative visions. I have been published in magazines such as XXXL, Source, Low Rider, Street Customs, and many others. I have also been involved in making films like It Aint Easy with Kat Williams, Mac 10, Rachelle Madison Love Movie 'Waterfalls" along with my solo directing debut Error in Judgment.

Other references can be acquired by simply asking>>>:)

P Malik

The girls on my port have shot with me on numerous times and most of them have graced the pages of various magazines. This is my passion and job that I do well. I occasionally do some trade yet it is very rare.


24 Aug 17 00:20
looking to update my profile. trade shoot?
07 Sep 14 05:10
please give me more details. thanks :)
06 Sep 14 00:52
Cool port! Keep up the good work!
26 Aug 14 01:38
Thanks for putting me into your sweet list. beautiful port :)
22 Aug 14 12:51
Nice work!
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