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"Imagination is endless, so lets create something special together"


*** LISTS *** are personal to me.. I don't trade them.. If you get one it's because I appreciate the work you have done or would sincerely like to work with you... pretty simple..



comments are a chance for you to tell someone how much you either like their work or would like to work with them. And please "nice pic" doesn't get it done. So if your only looking for numbers please pass me by when commenting... they will not be returned.

** "No Escorts" .. that means Mom, Dad, Boy friends, Girl friends, Gram and Gramps unless they want to pay to watch.. I conduct myself professionally in all aspects of the industry and expect the models I work with to do the same. Exceptions will be made if you are bringing an industry professional meaning an MUA or Wardrobe/Stylist. This must be arranged prior to the session date.


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My name is Jeff, and thank you for taking time to stop in and view my work. I have been involved in photography longer than I care to admit. Sports and commercial photography were my mainstay while living back east. Since moving to the Dallas Metroplex area in 2002 I have become more involved in the modeling industry. I am always interested in new looks and ideas for my personal portfolio. So if you like the work you see here and would like to discuss getting together, message me and lets make it happen.


TFCD or TFP***

It is impossible to say I will not do these as I would close the door to many models with the potential to succeed in this industry. However I will contact you and these will be very limited. Please do not contact me if you are strickly looking for a free session. I do not have set rates. I work with each model on a basis of what they can afford and I try to do whats best for both parties. Contact me and lets talk..



Friend Requests***

When I visit another photographers portfolio or a models
portfolio it is because something caught my eye. Thus
I leave a comment on a photo and a tag letting them know their works appreciated. Then I ask them to be a "Friend".
So please spare me the requests if you a number builder. If your interested in working or just like what you see here, let
me know it.. thats what "Friends" do..


Comments ***

They are wonderful to receive, but please if you see something here and your going to be so kind as to leave one do me a favour. Take a moment to comment the models I work with as well. Most are looking to make a name for themselves and quite honestly without them I would be shooting a blank backdrop.


An MUA will be available on site for any model as long as prior notice is given. All TFP or TFCD sessions will be required to have their make up professionally done prior to the scheduled session. Models can contact Jett to discuss rates. Jetts MM# is 529835 she is reasonable and does fantastic work.


MUA: #482192 Nifique has just joined the team at Visions East and has been amazing to work with. She has outstanding vision and creativity. Her rates are very reasonable and I highly suggest her to any model looking to step up there portfolio to the next level. Prior notice will be needed if you would like Nifique available for you at any sessions booked with Visions East.






*** These are some kind words from folks in the industry. Friends yes, but developed over time. Tags and Comments like this are more valuable to me on a personal basis than
any "Showcase Image" at that other site or a "Pic of the day" here on MM. These contain no strings, you don't have to be part of the "crowd" or member of that certain group. These require you to only be yourself, love what you do and care about people in general. Thanks to all of you... ***


I just stop by to show you some love and to say thanks for all the support. You truly have been a help more than you know. It is rare that you find someone who isn't to caught up or thinks to much of them selves to give someone else credit especially when it is someone as talented as you....I wish you well in all that you do and much success now and forever. Keep doing what you do and make sure you do it for the love of photography....


Will bka Mr. Extreme MM #237725


I am so glad to have had the chance to shoot w/you - even on the spur of the moment, you did such amazing work! I appreciate the care and attention to detail you take with each image, also. I'm definitely looking forward to working with you on a regular basis and will recommend you HIGHLY to others.


Jett MM #476751


Hey what's going on man. Just wanted to thank you for all of the support you've giving me since day one! I apprecaite it!

-Jason WMS Photography MM #553865


I stumbled across your portfolio and am so glad that I did. Your work is inspirational. You are very creative in your shoots and have the commitment and technical skills that make your work stand apart from most of the photographers on MM. Superb!

Ron R. Etherealized Image #638600


Thank you so much for shooting with me. It was truly a great experience and if the first photo is any indication to what is to follow, I can only imagine how beautiful they are going to be!! You are extremely talented and it was a pleasure to work with you!!! I would recommend you to anyone!! Thank you for all you did for me and for all you do for up and coming models!!

Suzan Golden #703490


Thanks for your note Jeff - - but the truth is that every time I look at your port I am inspired by your superb skill, craftsmanship and technique; you have a terrific eye and you routinely create beautiful, evocative and memorable shots; so kudos to you, and please keep on sharing your fabulous work!

Peter Dean - #487409


How do I love thee let me count the ways.....U made this by far the best and most comfortable shoot ever. U r so awesome to work with and even when I was so nervous and so jittery u and Jett made me feel like a pro and made me feel like we had been friends forever. I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera and I never thought I could exude sexiness thru my pics but that captures it all. U r by far one of DFW's finest and it was my pleaseure and honor to work with you. Can't wait to shoot again!

Ash - #719106


Jeff, Wednesday was an amazing and very productive day shooting with you!!! I love the experience you bring to the shoot and your shots are fantastic!!! We had a great location and you really brought out the best in me! First edit is Fierce and Intriguing, I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to see more and I can't wait to work with you again. All the models you've worked with including myself are very fortunate...Thank you!

Afsaneh # 830321


Thank you so much for the photo shoot! That was the best one I have had yet. You are very professional, and know what you are doing, and have a great eye for it. I would definitely refer you to any model looking for a photographer. You were definitely worth the drive to Texas. I can't wait to see your finished work!

Yoshimi #903267


Jeff are the sh!t. This weekend completely rawked. My pics are phenomenal and your are so easy to work with. Louisiana girls will lining up for you when we get you down here. Won't forget that southern home cookin' either. Can't wait to come back and shoot again!

Blaze Starr #668016


My Good Friend, I will never be able to say Thank You Enough for all your time, picture comments, and all the great things you do for the photographic community. You are a true blessing to all the members on this forum. Keep the faith and keep up the Amazing camera work in 09. Cheers: Rick & Debbie R.

Rick Rhodes Photography #56577


You are completely amazing!! I had such a great time at the shoot today. Not only did you make me feel comfortable but you were able to work your magic and produce fabulous photos!
Can't wait for the next shoot!!

LJ in Dallas #1006684


You are so awesome Jeff I can't wait till March so we can make the magic happen all over again. You are so encouraging and know what to look for and what makes the model comfortable. I wish there were more photographers and friends like you in the world! xoxo
LaToya Chenelle

LaToya #259217


Hey Jeff, hope you have good week! I really appreciate all of the kind words that you instill in me. You believe in me and that means a great deal to me. We've only had one shoot together but I'm hungry for more! Starving for our next shoot! Hope to see you soon and can't wait to view new images..

Sanjanique #1002260


It was great working with you as well. Ur an awesome photographer/coach. It was an amazing experience. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, when the hair was blowing everywhere and we were both cold. I can't wait to work with you again! ur the best:)

Kellye #1073478


heeey Jeff! just wanted to remind you...in case you forgot, that you are a fantastic photographer! you're fun and easy going and I always have 100% trust in your vision, as our work together is always grade A quality! when I'm in front of your lens, I feel at ease and I know I can be myself...whomever that might be (depending on theme LOL) you just keep evolving and I'm glad that I continually have the opportunity to work with you along the way. thanks for everything! *handheart*

Marshana #590485


My dear friend...there is none other that I would feel as confident shooting with for a project that means so much to me. I know you will always do your very best to create images that we both can be proud of. You see the beauty in your models and accentuate it so elegantly, expertly.

Your constant support means the world to me and I appreciate you more than you know...thank you so very much for being more than just an outstanding photographer, but a true blue friend.

Jett Ray #476751


Hey Jeff I'm glad that I have gotten the chance to work with you and befriend you. You have and are helping me more than you will ever know. Thanks for helping me open up those closed doors.
I look forward with what comes along down the road. Much love to you.

Robynn #877455








My GlamStaff friends on ModelMayhem (Staff & Contributors)

GlamModelz I have had the pleasure of shooting with and Highly Recomend


05 Aug 12 12:36
fantastic work and some lovely models. thx
02 Aug 11 07:19
Love U port, Perfect...if you come to jakarta maybe we can work together..:) you can also see the beauty of my country like Indonesia Anyer beach, Bali, Lombok, Borobudur and many other places as objects of shooting
10 Dec 10 16:30
I hope to work with you soon!
10 Dec 10 16:16
Thanks for the friend request. Very nice photos!
22 Apr 10 15:24
I'm finally getting a sec to get on here...yay!
28 Mar 10 18:45
I truly enjoyed your port!!!
22 Mar 10 23:20
Hey Jeff, It great to be here!!
02 Feb 10 21:14
What a piece of $#*! that other site is LOL
27 Jan 10 08:16
Hey Jeff, funny running into you over here. lol.
30 Nov 09 20:05
Hey you!!!! I know you too!! lol!!! Miss ya much Jeff can't wait to come home for a future shoot!!!
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