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I am no longer accepting unsolicited TFP/TFCD requests. I think my rates are more than reasonable for the quality of the work that I'm offering.


What's your studio like?

I have a dedicated studio in my house for shooting which includes lights, backdrops, a room for wardrobe changes and a separate bathroom for your privacy. This creates a relaxed, comfortable and secure environment in which to create unique and professional images.


You must have an e-mail address and phone number. I do not set shoots without these two things. If you cancel a booking without appropriate notice or don’t show up for a booking we will never work together period.

Do you allow the model to bring chaperone?

I do allow model that I'm working with the first time, to bring a female chaperone along. However I don't allow anyone else in the camera room during the actual shooting. I've found that additional people in the camera room can be a distraction and makes it hard for the model to concentrate.

Do you provide the wardrobe?

Models are expected to bring their own wardrobe and should always bring a minimum of 3 complete looks (head to toe) and complimentary accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The less you bring the less variety will be captured during your shoot.

Do you provide a hair stylist and/or a makeup artist?

My normal pricing does not include either a hair stylist or makeup artist, but one can be added for a reasonable fee.
How do I get to see the images we shoot?

After the session, I scan through the images and delete all the lighting test shots, blinks and bad expressions. I create a low resolution watermarked slideshow which I e-mail to you for your review and then you can indicate to me which 6 images you would like professionally edited and I will then send you High Resolution edited copies via e-mail within 5-7 business days.

Does the Model get a CD of all the images?

At no time will I ever give to anyone, the original high resolution, unedited files. I've had some bad experiences in the past, with unedited files being posted on various modeling websites. So to protect the integrity of my images, I've adopted the policy of not providing the original files.

Do you allow the models to retouch the images themselves?

No. I've spent a great deal of time and effort perfecting my digital workflow, to get my images to look the way that they do. I feel that I have a "style" that is unique to me, and the way that I shoot and edit. If I allowed others to edit the images, than they wouldn’t be my images.

I would like to thank all the models, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and photographers who make this business a pure medium of individuality, freedom of expression and form of social consciousness. You have all inspired and continue to inspire me everyday.

Much love and respect,





30 Jun 10 16:53
thanx for picture comment :)
09 Jun 10 15:24
You have a talented eye, great work.
21 Nov 09 12:49
Thank you for the friend request :) Best Wishes Always, Luz
19 Nov 09 10:11
nice port. keep up the good work.
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