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Hey there and thank you for dropping by and visiting my port.
I am based in melbourne, Australia however i travel quite frequently and always have a camera and basic light set up available, ready to shoot.

Please feel free to reach out, or add me as a friend as long as its acompanied with a PM. Im happy to discuss themes, locations and rates.

If it's TFP shots you're after, my answer will be No and it's up to you to convince me otherwise 0

If your theme / look / idea is something thats beneficial to us both, i might just say yes!

Currently interested in collaborating on Shadows such as this one;


Also starting to field fashion look book and catalogue shoots.
Recent runway work shot for Kookai Australia and Chocolate City's Summer-Spring and Autum Winter Catalogues.

Email: Gavin.poh@gmail.com
Phone: +61418764373

Where am I in 2013:

December 21 - January 7: Japan (Tokyo-Kyoto)
January 26 - Feb 7: San Francisco
October 11 - 19th - Indonesia Surabaya
October 20th - 26th - Indonesia Bali

Where am I in 2012:

16th - 20th Jan: Brisbane, Australia
23rd - 29th Jan: San Francisco, United States
30th Jan - 5th Feb: Los Angeles, United States
6th - 14th Feb: Melbourne, Australia
28th-30th May: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1st - 8th April: Johanesburg, South Africa
20th- 26th May: Brisbane, Gold Coast
17th-19th June: Adelaide, Australia
20th-23rd June: Sydney, Australia
9th-10th December: Brisbane, Australia
17th-18th December: Sydney, Australia
24th - 28th December: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
31st December-5th January: Tokyo, Japan
23rd January - 5th Feb: San Francisco


19th - 21st Jan - Hong Kong
21st - 27th Jan - Paris
27th - 31st Jan - Prague
31st - 1st Feb - Salzburg
2nd Feb - 5th Feb - Rome
7th Feb - 2nd March - Melbourne
3rd March - 9th March - Mauritius
6th April - 9th April - Sydney


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05 Nov 14 06:09
I am looking for part time(flexible, when you want) photographers to do paid model portfolios and internet ads with models in your area. After a review of your work, you qualify for a screening interview...email me for details.
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