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About Me

***Recently relocated to Newport, Rhode Island for the Summer***

I've been into photography for a number of years now and have spent the last couple of years building up my experience in the glamour genre. I'm still learning the ropes, but feel pretty confident in my ability. I prefer shooting in natural light, however working indoors with studio equipment is turning out to be more fun than I expected. I've done a number of the SoCal group shoots in order to build a portfolio and gain experience working with various models in various settings and am looking to branch out into individual assignments.

That said, if you are are a SoCal model and you are looking to work with a guy who wants to make beautiful images, send me a message and we'll work something out. Photography is my hobby, not my job, so I'm not looking to get paid; so I am open to trade for print work. I want to take beautiful pictures and work with interesting people. That's all.

I'm open to different job ideas, and willing to try almost anything once.

I will not try to sell myself for a job; my work speaks for itself: if you like it, awesome, if not, that's fine with me.



Models I've had the pleasure of working with:

Psycho Doll (Mayhem #743647)

Amber Kourtney (Mayhem #1035744)

Amelia Simone (Mayhem #2277933)

Lauren Kane (Mayhem #637679)

Laura Shodire (Mayhem #686083)

Amber Marie Pardue (Mayhem #2093708)

Diana Ochoa (Mayhem #1523038)

TabithaClassicLady (Mayhem #2327747)

Alexis Nichole (Mayhem #689981)

Jenna Chan (Mayhem #65551)

Michelle Amara (Mayhem #1258171)

Amelia Simone (Mayhem# 2277933)

Katie Prissy Pants (Mayhem #2211871)

Nordique Fier (Mayhem #1284651)

April Cheryse (Mayhem #455314)

Chrissy Marie (Mayhem #1224167)

Amber Murphey (Mayhem# 2419356)

Smileytee (Mayhem #2145577)

Kristine Bostwick (Mayhem #2031041)

Jade Renee (Mayhem #2222572)

JessicaTaylor (Mayhem #1813467)

Amy Leeann (Mayhem #2124725)

Mizz Ro (Mayhem #1601048)

Sandi Alvaro (Mayhem #1572406)

Ems Models (Mayhem #2189948)

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