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My work includes portraits, landscape and industrial photography. My goal is to convey a sense of emotion reflecting the individual being photographed or the intent of the shot.

My background includes over 30 years as a business development executive creating and managing what sells an idea or product. Models who shoot with me have commented on how that business concept approach has help them think in terms of a shoot toward a specific target objective or niche they want to explore. I will ask you what you want to achieve, help you define your objectives and your limits. Then I shoot you in the context of delivering a product you can use. I am willing to help young and aspiring models through TFCD if possible.

A shoot for a commercial purpose is based in a $160 fee with credit toward future prints or graphics work. I am a Sr NAPP member and will assist in Photoshop creative work and layouts.

All work is strictly defined prior to the shoot. Family, Senior, lingerie or swimsuit shoots will involve a pre-shoot discussion to discuss settings and clothes.

For an initial shoot, plan on 2 hours. All model shoots are in strict compliance with all applicable laws. No model under 21 will be photographed without a parent/guardian approval. Plan on having fun, pushing yourself, and working hard.

The photo page provides a limited look at my work. All stylistic treatments and graphics are done by me. If my style appeals to you, please send me a note and we can discuss an idea.

If you are interested in lingerie or swimsuit portraits please email me and I will direct you to those sites. I do not list those links to the general public.

EvanJames Photography


11 Jun 11 08:30
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