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My work is a celebration of the female form. As the model, you use your looks and how you carry yourself (pose, facial expressions). As the photographer, I need to know when to coach the model, and how to compose the photo (lighting, camera angle.)

With the right model and photographer, the process is fun and productive.

I'm a professionally trained photographer with a 4-year photo degree. My photography involves nudity similar to Playboy- if you are not open to that please don't contact me about a modeling job.... Otherwise if you think you would be a good model for me please drop me a line.

What the Photos Are Used For
I work with several microstock agencies who market my photos for publication. I also try to get the photos published in print and online magazines, forums, etc. This is a sideline for me and I make no guarantee that your images will be published, but you will be paid up front. The main benefit of marketing my work through microstock is the professional feedback I get and seeing which images sell the best.

I don't do private photos; if you want photos just for your boyfriend, I'm not your photographer. I believe in sharing the beauty. I work with models who want to be seen.

Compensation to Models
Compensation is in cash the day of the shoot and a CD with 100's of photos in a few days. Occasionally I allow models to keep wardrobe items.

Who I Hire to Model
I hire female models, ages 18-26. Modeling jobs are awarded based on looks. It’s not fair, but it’s not supposed to be fair. The women I photograph look like the ones in men's magazines; you know the type. They range from girl next door, to the hottie, but they all look great and know it.

Model requirements are as follows:

Tall: taller than average
Attractive: You need to be able to turn heads
No large tattoos
Frontal tattoos must be covered with makeup
All peircings removable
Buxom: need enough bust to have cleavage
No implants or other cosmetic surgery
Age: 18-26, female
Nudity: Comfortable with nudity similar to Playboy

Who I Do TFCD with
Don't fit the above? Ask me. Worst case, I say no.

Booking Shoots
I will need to see two unretouched photos: One face shot, one body. I need to know if you have any tattoos, piercings, scars, blemishes, tan lines, or if you have changed your hair or anything else that would cause you not to look like your application photos. I will eventually need your phone number in order to confirm the shoot.

New Models
I've worked with experienced models, plus plenty of young women who've never done edgy stuff before and all have been very happy with the results. I use creative camera angles, editing and prop position. I like to try new ideas and work best with models who like to experiment. I'm very selective about what shots I use, and use only the best results. I will shoot stuff for you (the model) in addition the poses that I want for my work in most cases.

I photograph with a high-end pro digital camera and studio lighting equipment. The furnishings of my home studio may not be impressive, but only what the lens can see matters to me! I have produced my personal artwork as well as commercially viable images. I have traveled to dozens of countries, and a Masters degree. I work with a few dozen new models a year; 19 years' model photography experience. I combine archive images from countries I've visited with studio shots of models.


Have written 4 how-to books on nude photography (www.nudephotoguides.com)


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