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We take many different women, from many different races, shapes and sizes. Any ladies that are interested in participating in a shoot feel free to hit me back anytime you feel like it. Now, I’m going to give a little background history about myself, conducting it like an interview between me and myself. I’m asking myself questions and answering them like I’m some sort of “ego-maniac type”….Okay, well maybe!

Where are you located?
I’m in New York City now, but back and fourth from New Jersey and Miami. I’ll be in Miami for all of 2010, maybe if all goes as planned.

Did you go to school for this?
Yeah, I learned the basic elements, but you craft your own skills! “Shootouts to SVA”

What kinda cameras you shoot with?
Well, I currently have Fujifilm S5 & Nikon D300 SLR cameras.

Do you only shoot photos?
Nah, I started with photography, but I also got love 4 videography and film editing. Yes, I do shoot videos, commercials, club events, model shoots and short story films.

How long have you been shooting photos?
Off & on for about ten years, I’m trying to juggle with photos and video production.

What kinda models do you look for?
Non-divas, I have kicked a chick off a shoot for “Janice Dickinson” type behavior. Just understand that you’re appreciated and we’re both working to make some great art for the masses to see. Honestly, at this moment I’m seeking women with more sex appeal than model type features. Because I’m looking to spice my port up a bit, I’m seeking more sexually enticing women for all my shoots.

Are clothes provided for these shoots?
Most of the time, but people have their own styles and if they can bring something better than we can work with that. I’m open to all ideas that are different and can spark the brain, somewhat.

Can models suggest what kinda shoots they’re interested in?
Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that if it’s something interesting.

Are you single, married or swinging?
I’m single, so I guess I’m swinging….everywhere!

Do you shoot TFP/TFCD, also are escorts allowed on shoots?
I’m shooting some TFP until the end of this year. Currently, I’m working on creating my own magazine for distribution in NYC. Some upcoming shoots are for only magazine submission and media distribution (flyers, billboard and t-shirts). I wouldn’t recommend bringing an escort, it’s sort of un-professional. I’ve had people bring escorts and shit comes up missing, they want to intervene in the shooting. Most people bring escorts to support their ego, if their not helping me with a shoot, their not really necessary. If someone is driving you there cool, they can wait on the side and not interfere with our work…

Are you done with the questions?
Pretty much…..I’m done answering my own question!

Ohh yeah, I also do Graphic Design work for website and business cards. Usually create logo designs for MySpace pages, t-shirts, party flyers and movie trailers. I’m a “skillaholic” and I’m damn proud to be one too, no meetings or intervention needed. I’m available if you need these services too, never for free!!


21 Dec 10 13:42
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