About Me

Am currently into modeling. I have been told how good and hot am looking by people around me (friends and relations) most time i believe them because is something i see myself.

I grow up believing that everything is possible only if u have faith and believe strongly you will see it coming to pass, in my case i have experience that quote many times in my life that’s why i anchor on it. When ever i see models i admire them how good they look not knowing am looking as good as them, I have passion for modeling and i believe i will do it well.

I am yearning to learn more and to build up my confidence; i am looking for work within Advertisement, Catalogue/Magazine and many more, that’s my dream and willing to model anything from beauty up to lingerie.

I pride myself on not being spoilt, not being a diva, and not being two-faced; i've got principles and i stand by them. However i love the people around me, and will do anything for them which i know I can do because i hate seeing people in need.

On a deeper note, believe in yourself because all is possible don’t let people look down on you, you can get to that mark.