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IAE Magazine is a bi-monthly...interactive digital magazine whose focus is inspiring and educating working professionals and serious aspirants in the film/TV and music industries.

We offer interviews with some of the industry's Top Working Professionals, as well as up-and-coming talent who have a proven track record of recent work (within the past 3 months). IAE also offers a great deal of informative and educational articles that cover everything from how to pick the right photographer, to how to book an acting gig or record deal.

Who Reads IAE Magazine?
OVER 57,000:
* Actors, Singers, Bands, etc.
* Song & Screen Writers, Directors, Music & Film/TV Producers, and other film crew personnel
* Students & Faculty of Educational Institutions Devoted to Entertainment
* Entertainment Industry Execs & Professionals (CEOs, VPs, talent agents, managers, lawyers, etc.)
* Entertainment Software & Hardware Manufacturers and Retailers
* Film/Music Lovers


Some of the industry pros who have been interviewed in IAE Magazine are:

- Emmy Winning Film/TV Casting Director, Mark Fincannon (Dear John, The Blind Side, Battle Los Angeles, etc.)
- Film & TV Actor, IronE Singleton (Oscar Nominated for Best Picture for The Blind Side, Hungry Rabbit Jumps, etc)
- TV Producer, Ron Basile (Producer of Grammys and Emmys)
- Film Director, Malcom D Lee (Undercover Brother, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, etc.)
- Film Composer, Brian Tyler (Law Abiding Citizen, Eagle Eye, Alien vs Predator, Indiana Jones 4, etc.)
- Film Agent, Louise Ward (Channing Tatum's agent)
- Film Producer, Bill Johnson (Upcoming 2011 Arabian Nights, The Women, etc.)
- Storyboard Artist, Warren Drummond (Faster, Lottery Ticket, Tokyo Drift, Beautiful Mind, Antwan Fisher, etc.)

and many many more.....


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