About Me

Hi guys :)
my name is Natascha Matthes , i am 18 years old and live in canada but originale i am german :p. moved to canada 2 years ago, and fall in love with it :)
i have a huge heart for dogs, love my familly, friends and boyfriend a lot :).
always there for everyone dosnt matter when, .
i love to dance, i am passionated about it, since i can remeber i love dancing. turn on the music and i am dancing :)
music is a big part of my life .
i love life, i enjoy life to the fullest, try to make the best out of every situation in life good or bad.
like we all know life aint one straight line. :)
i am a really calm funny girl, with a big heart :)


24 Apr 10 14:05
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