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People consistently tell me that I have a great attitude and am exceptionally easy to get along with. I work hard to be accommodating and easy going and with 7+ years of experience I feel good about having maintained what my photographer friends call a "very amiable demeanor." My primary goals with every shoot are to have as much fun as possible while also working to capture some images worth writing home about! Please contact anybody you can find who has shot with me in the past if you are seeking references. I do not filter my references and encourage you to do your homework on me if it makes you feel better before booking a shoot.

Perhaps I am different than most models in the respect that I have little interest in myself in each image. To be honest, I'm kinda bored looking at pretty pictures of myself. While I certainly don't want to look bad, I'm more interested in selling your concept/style/mood! To do this, figuring out how to successfully collaborate is pertinent! Read on and maybe I can give you some insight on how to best collaborate with me….

In my experience, I have found that it's good to come to the shoot with some clear or even vague ideas about what you would like to accomplish. Maybe your looking for deep shadows, something anonymous, and with a “just got home after a long day of work” kind of feel. I've got it from there. To be honest, I find that it is really hard for me to produce my very best work if you are micromanaging my every pose. Like anyone who produces his or her best in any situation, it is important that I, too, am allowed to find my flow and get lost in the concept. I have a vested interest in making your ideas come alive! If something is not working or does not look good, I am absolutely not offended when the artist communicates that. As far as I see it, it’s not personal and I should know. (Granted, EVERY model that I have shot with needs some warm up time and so do I, so please be patient while I get into my grove at first.)

What excites me during a shoot is the feeling that comes when the artist and I have successfully connected in a meaningful way around the art that we are working to create. As a model and artist, I live for those moments when we are actively feeding off of one another's creative energy and striving to effectively capture something original and powerful. Ultimately, this means that I must adapt to your style of shooting. In most cases I can do this easily, however, there are two styles I struggle with.

Let me first say that if you can identify with either of these modes of shooting, this does not mean that I will not work with you or even get mad; I only want to give you my very best work while also inspiring you to do yours--so consider this as food for thought: To those rapid-fire shooters out there, I am speaking to you first. If you are in the habit of shooting as fast as you possibly can, then you are missing so many great opportunities! Not only are you forgoing the opportunity to become the best photographer that you can be, but you’re also not getting my best work, nor are you ever able to experience what really collaborating with me is like. I understand the logic behind wanting a large quantity of pictures, but realize that when this is the case, ALL that I am able to focus on is keeping up! If, instead, you shot at a steady pace (i.e. no more than one frame every 3 sec), you will find that you have more time to compose the shot and I will have more time to hone my pose and give you my best look. We will go back and forth at this, our creative synapses will fire like crazy as we try to make each shot our best, we will be start to become synchronized in our respective roles. As it flows, you’ll come to a point where you’re no longer “thinking” so hard through you’re very aware and in the moment, creativity flows best at this point, we’ll continue to back and forth and then boom it will be done! You’ll be out of memory, battery, or I’ll realize that my muscles are tired or realize that I need a drink of water, but that’s how it goes. It’s times like this that you realize how collaborations can become bigger than the both of our talents and the final piece(s) make you realize what’s possible.

Now, let me turn to those shooters who like to look at each picture after each shot or who talk between each shot. I can understand doing this at the beginning of the shoot or even often throughout the shoot... But focus is success and we need to think about the frame we're shooting now not the frame we've just shot. This choppy style of shooting not only keeps you and I from getting into a creative flow, it completely impedes my ability to dive deep into the concept as well as you're ability observe, interpret, and capture what it is that strikes your eye. I am talking about the joy of making art and I yearn to share that with everyone I collaborate with.

Because feeding off one another's creative force is so important, I put a lot of effort into developing a sincere rapport with each person I collaborate with. For this reason, I find that I really enjoy working with the same people again and again. HOWEVER, as of late, I have found that my friendly demeanor and comfort with my body can send mixed messages, so let me be clear. First of all, I am an open book. The way I interact with you is the way that I interact with everybody. Secondly, I am in a wonderful, long term, committed relationship with a man I hope to marry. And, finally, whether I am shooting with you for the first time or the twentieth time, DON'T EVER ask me to spread my legs! This is deeply offensive to me. (Read that sentence again.) I am a lady. I treat you with respect and I expect the same. So again, just because I can be really in touch with myself in front of the camera does not mean that I ever want to masturbate for yours!! Crass, I know, but experience screams that this must be addressed in a very direct way.

THE BOTTOMLINE: I’m not picky at all with whom I choose to shoot with. All I really need is to shoot with people who have a good attitude and who are respectful ...if nothing else.

COMPENSATION: This is my full time job! While I just graduated from a great school, I have found my calling is in entrepreneurship and I'm working to pursue my own venture within the community. (VERY exciting!!!!) Therefore, at this time I rely entirely on the income I make from modeling. I have been so tremendously fortunate to have collaborated with some renowned artists who have all compensated me for my time. For this reason, I absolutely will not shoot any tfp/tfcd. To those tfp shooters out there, this is not at all personal. My stance is simply that I respect those who have paid me too much to “dis” them by working with someone else for free. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

My rates are as follows: $125/hr, $300/3 hours, and $700 for a full day. I DO NOT offer reduced rates. I am very flexible with how we arrange this. You can invite other photographers, pay for my plane ticket or my hotel (at dollar for dollar trade), etc. I do not, however, engage in any sort of arrangement where I receive a certain percentage of the proceeds from the sale of images.

NOTE TO OTHER MODELS: If you are new to the industry or are just having a hard time make this a worthwhile endeavor, please get in touch. It seems that we all learn the same lessons and if I can help you avoid some of the hard and potentially damaging ones, then I would love to help! Send me an email and I tell you all I know. I have helped many fellow models with various issues and I am happy to do what I can...but one general rule: NO DRAMA! :)

BOOKING: If you are interested in shooting I must receive all shoot information (contact number, shoot address, shoot time and duration, etc) before I will put you in my calendar.

EMAILS: I get inundated with email! Between shooting, travel time, and my other venture I’m barely able to keep up with email and often I fall completely behind for a week or two if I’m traveling. I realize that most shoot requests are time sensitive so I will admit that when I do get to email, I tackle what’s newest in my box first because I realize that it’s the most efficient use of my time when it comes to staying booked enough to pay my bills. With that said, if we are mid-correspondence and I have fallen away it’s because you got buried. I give everyone my phone number and I have lots of travel time where I’m not able to be productive with communications, so CALL ME! I would LOVE to make that time more productive. Very few people actually do. I don’t text and drive because I’m not good at it. To those that I’ve never responded to before, email me again if you’re not completely frustrated and title your email “SECOND ATTEMPT,” and I will make you a priority. I work hard. Sometimes people follow me around for a day or two and have the opportunity to see my schedule, and they think I’m crazy! I have more work than can possibly be done by one person. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

SHOOT CONFRIMATIONS: Once you’re in my calendar you can count on my to show up. I don’t confirm unless you tell me that you need me to, and then I need you to call me AND text me. ABSOLULTELY no email confirmations because I might not look at email for several days. I know models can be flakey, but I’m not. If you are in my calendar, then I will show up. If I am going to be so much as 10 min late I am on the phone calling you. In fact, I have started calling when I am on the way to a shoot.

CANCELLATIONS: I allow no more than 2 cancellations from photographers that I do not have a long working relationship with. If you cancel on me a second time, I am going to very reluctant to book another shoot with you. In the event that I do, I will require a 50% deposit.

TRAVEL: I travel to nearby states frequently (CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA) and happily accept invitations to work all over the country... provided that expenses are paid and references are good. I always have a car and do not shy away from a several hour drive to get to a shoot. Time in the car has become my down time, so if I’m traveling to your state or nearby area, please don't hesitate to ask if I'd be willing to make a trip to you, chances are that I'll happy accept the invitation to shoot!

TRAVEL ACCOMIDATIONS: I will not stay at your house if I have never worked with you before. When traveling, I prefer to stay in hotels, in studios with beds and Internet, or with personal friends. BUT thank you to those of you who have been so kind to extend your home to me.

AMATURES: I work with professionals and amateurs alike. If you have never shot a model before, don’t hesitate to contact me! I mean it. I am happy to help you figure out the lights, make wardrobe decisions, and allow you to just focus on getting comfortable shooting models without anything extra to worry about! I have been told again and again that I am good at putting first time shooters at ease and helping them to get shots they can feel good about!

MODEL RELEASES: I require a copy of all model releases I sign.

FETISH/ADULT CONTENT: I do not shoot any type of explicit or fetish content. Should you capture that accidental image that crosses my boundaries I reserve the right to add an amendment to model releases to ensure no such image makes it on the Web.

MY BUSH!! I maintain my bush to aid photographers in respecting my boundaries; therefore, I absolutely will NOT shave it! (Sorry, I had to make that one clear)

WAKING UP EARLY: I love shooting outdoors! And if that means waking up before sunrise, I'm still there!

HAIR & MAKEUP: While I'm pretty good with makeup, I'm not so great with hair (in particular up-dos and period styles). Unless you let me know what kind of makeup you want, I will tend to show up with a base coat and finish it once I arrive and can find out what look you want.

WARDROBE: I come to each shoot with a 50 lb wardrobe bag that we can draw from. I have hats, clothes, lingerie, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, fabrics, props, and all kinds of things.

SHOWING UP EARLY/STAYING LATE: I am VERY accommodating. I am more than happy to show up early to a shoot or hang around afterward to address any additional needs, but you must let me know in advance. This is an investment of your time, money, and energy and I want each shoot to be an investment that you can feel REALLY great about!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me!


26 Dec 12 02:09
great artworks....
21 Nov 11 13:37
Great port. Your form and natural vagina are inspiring
25 Feb 11 10:10
hey...haven't you heard... a picture is worth a thousand words? Two pictures for your profile??
06 Jan 11 02:35
love your work. it's rather sexy and edgey
16 Dec 10 23:01
Love your look Mel! Want to do a fun shoot in Baltimore? pinups with clothes?
20 Jul 10 22:58
Glad to see you over here!
06 Jun 10 21:16
Hello! I am happy to be the first yo give you the welcome to Istudio! Excellent gallery
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