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About Me

Almont Green is the creator of AMPED 3D(tm) photography. (Autostereoscopic Multi Perspective Extended Dynamics). Using his proprietary multi camera array, Almont photographs the most realistic 36 perspective life size tattoos and prints and mounts them using his own process. Chuck Comisky, 3D VFX Supervisor for Avatar comments: " stunning a stereo photo using lenticular as I have seen. It visually rivals holography in clarity." Dr. Mason, Director for Exhibitions at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History comments: "Tremendous! ...our exhibit developers were overcome by the images."

Almont is currently working on his next 36 megapixel 36 camera array that he has specially modified to create multi perspective life size photographs. Unfortunately, Almont's 3D photographs have to be seen in person as they can't be shown on a computer monitor. The images used here in his portfolio are only 2 view 3D images designed to be viewed by crossing your eyes (a less that optimal solution but the only one possible for the internet).



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