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I have been designing for over a decade and half, and my clothing line has come full circle with the relaunch of Prince Couture (R), catering to men and women of all ages. Prince Couture collection includes the limited Edition interplay of leather and garberdine fabric. A full product Line, encompassing blazers,suits, and jacket and a vast collection of silk cotton shirts, and dresses , including leather travel goods and accesories. Looking forward to our presence at istudio.com, one of the premier destination for estalished and emerging talent. At Prince Couture we are defying the conventional design with a more bold esthetics of the present with the glory of past to create limited edition pieces. A design mirage of leather, precious metal, wood and the love of design & fashion.
We are always looking for fashion models, if you have any questin do not hesitate to ask. For enquiries email us at PrinceCouture@hotmail.com.
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Prince Couture Brand Team


07 Dec 10 21:30
Great stuff! I'd love to work with you sometime.
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