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About Me


I'm an Australian photographer living in London who's looking for models, body painters, makeup artists and other photographers who want to help me create / capture special moments in time and art.

Photography is passion for me. Currently, I am on a journey of art and expression, so most of my work will be TFP unless other arrangements are made. I will gladly help anyone build up their portfolio.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for more information and to schedule your photo shoot!

Thank you

Web Site --------------------> http://www.epicturephotography.com/
Facebook Page --------------> http://www.facebook.com/pages/EPICture-Photography
Twitter -----------------------> https://twitter.com/EPICturephoto

MM EPICture Photography --> http://www.modelmayhem.com/EPICture
MM EPICostumes -----------> http://www.modelmayhem.com/epicostumes

TT EPICture Photography --->http://www.talentell.com/EPICture


(All #'s are MM)
Ms Jessica Jane #2755033 (Australia,Cottesloe)
Maree Andersen #2817102 (Australia,Cottesloe)
Holly Clare #2769781 (Australia,Perth)
Brittany Naylor #2590400 (Australia,Perth)
Toria Cheyna #2655632 (Australia,Cottesloe)
Kylie O Donnell #2132693 (Australia,Cottesloe)
Lauren Arcadia #2709100 (Australia,Perth)
Shimona Lisa Marie (Australia,Perth)
Mele-lightning Dramatic (Australia,Perth)
Dominika Majewska (Australia,Perth)
Em Booth #2858324 (Australia,Perth)
Cheryl Cherry Choe #2173832 (Australia,Perth)
Liv Brewstaa #2490485 (Australia,Perth)
Elise Kamilah #2798788 (Australia,Perth)
Miss Lala xo #2874146 (Australia,Perth)
KayleeMae #2958508 (Australia,Perth)
Duchess Silk #2915451 (Australia,Perth)
Anna Tson (London,England)
Alice Pins #2923079 (London,England)
Miss Randi Lee #2487605 (London,England)
Gwen Fagan #3362036 (Kingston Upon Thames, England)

Body Painter:

Emily Rose Delks #2777230


Teika MUA #2707086
Sangeetha Smith #2740757
Natalie de Rozario #2763463


Jeremy Phillips #1689964


16 Jun 14 23:51
Great work!
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