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As an art lover I am passionate about makeup artistry, always have been, always will, it all started as a hobby and as a dancer I used to do makeup to the other dancers backstage just because I enjoyed doing it and the girls were truly happy with the results, thats when I decided to make a career out of it, I work hard to achieve my goals, and willing to take every opportunity that comes in my way to be the best person that I can be doing what I love the most, expressing myself through a person's face and enhancing their true beauty. I honestly hope that this site opens me the doors that I need to make my dream happen. I consider myself a very easy going girl and pleasant to work with, and professionalism is something I constantly strive for.

You can check the rest of my portfolio at: www.makeupbydaniela.carbonmade.com



02 Sep 12 00:02
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