About Me

Urban photographer in Central Florida traveling to well.....wherever.
If you're on twitter, you can see more work at these sites....
instagram: osquaredimages

*Currently casting for women of color(..all colors), Curvy women & women with a little to a LOT of ink.*

Shooting with women of all shapes, sizes, hair colors & races.
Doing mostly Trade work, to continue to build my portfolio to where it needs to be.
I can pay you, but you would need to have something I have NEVER seen before that happens.

I shoot trade because, I just LIKE it.
..and it provides you starter models with content for promotion.
Besides, who doesn't want FREE photos??
Total and confident believer in the the Win/Win.
But it is limited at times, so you gotta have something.

Will TRAVEL for great models, great shoots and great locations.

If you wish to contact me outside of this site,or you are linked from ANOTHER website.....
contact me here: osquaredllc@gmaildot.com

Who wants it more?