About Me

A DIY photographer, a "noob" you may call.
Loves anything about everything, in taking pictures that is.
A hobby that started out as at first, now more of a "9-to-5".
Portraits, urban, street, you name it, I'll shoot.
Building up my portfolio for now, please be nice to me.
Hopefully soon, I'll have more of my work uploaded in here.
I'll ask if I don't know, there's no wrong answer to a sensible question.

The basics for what I should have or looking for is

1. Wedding- Either indoor or outdoor. Malay, Chinese, Western or Indian.
2. Casual- Either indoor or outdoor too.
3. Creative shoots- Themes that is. May or may not contain nudity. To the comfortability & morale of future models I'll work with. RESPECT is a strong word I uphold.

Email me at izzy.graphy@gmail.com with your name, contacts (both hp & email), your preference of shoot & definitely your rate. I'm not a well-known-rich-photographer. Hehe. We'll work something out definitely.

Hope to hear from you soon.



23 Oct 12 14:36
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