About Me

Hey thanks for checking out my profile..
My Name is Tony G and photography is my passion and livelihood, I've shot and worked with many photography company's ranging from Nightlife, boudoir, family's portraits to fashion...

I have a wide range of interest... So please to not hesitate to throw an idea or concept my way
I'll try anything twice

Photography to me is not just the Snap of the shutter, Its the lighting, the mood, and ambiance combined with a skilled and beautiful model that creates a one of kind piece of art...
There is nothing more satisfying then when your MUA, Stylist, Model and photographer come together and create an image that stops you in your tracks!!

This is how I make my living, So i'm not going to be paying you to shoot..
The only way that will happen is if i'm contracted to do a shoot and need a something from you I can not get anywhere else..

I will do TFP If I believe you can bring something to the plate, or I'm bored and just want to shoot because I love it.
Every women is beautiful in their own right, But please keep in mind I'm only looking for the ones that are truly beautiful for TFP shoots as I wont be able to use them.. Sorry if that offends

If you would like to set up a shoot, please do not hesitate to contact me!