About Me

Hi, I'm Nakeka I grew up watching I love Lucy, breakfast at Denny's and many others during my adolescent years. I always wanted to have that timeless beauty these women had, the power that held over their audience was alluring and yet that always ad a demure way about themselves. As a teenagers and even in my early 20's I struggled finding myself but as I grew older I realized modeling life was for me. I might be a little different, kooky and sometimes hot headed but with my blossoming self confidence in myself I have never felt better. I can love myself now - but not because I wear specific cloths or lacquer on red gloss and a cat's eye...But because being a model is about loving yourself - and that's why I am one. There's no specific place I like I can shine for the camera anywhere I am placed Here are pictures of me and here is my link from facebook https://www.facebook.com/eyecandyangel there are more pictures there.


27 Oct 13 22:54
Thank you ^^
27 Oct 13 21:43
Amazing port Nakeka!!!!
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