Topaz Poison
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Weight:112 lbs
Shoe Size:5
Hair Color:Other
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:26 Jan 2010
Last:26 Jan 2010

About Me

[[Its A Gory Sort Of Story Thats Been Told A Million Times Before]]


*Currently on hiatus accepting very select projects only*

I like photography that gives you goosebumps. It gets under your skin and into your blood.

We are the middle children of history, raised by television
to believe that someday we'll be millionaires and movie stars
and rock stars, but we won't. And we're just learning this
fact, so don't mess with us.

-Fight Club

I'm Sinead

Honestly... I'm interested in brains not beauty

I tend not to judge people on face value.

At current my hair is black and white with lime green tips. My skin is very pale naturally (and proud!!). I wear a UK size 6-8.

Experimental photography, animal rights, chinese kick boxing, makeup, Amnesty International, drumming, Japanese fiction, ALF, Manchester United, gory horror movies, constantly changing the colour and length of my hair, customizing clothes, tattoos and piercings.

I'm a skint student, I can't afford to pay for photographs to be taken....

Yes I have piercings & tattoos...I know that this may not appeal to everyones tastes but I love them they CAN be hidden, for select projects only though.
I'm really not interested in doing standard "fashion" photography.

No nude

I have a car and am willing to travel, occasionally for no cost if I deem it worthwhile. Don't take offence if I have to ask for a little petrol money though, I'm at Uni and poor!

2 lip piercings (labret, right of lip)
1 nose piercing
2 navel piercings
5 piercings in each of my ears

(Retired piercings: tragus in right ear, right side of navel, left side of lip, rook on both ears, wrist)

Black bow on lower back

Large tiger butterfly on shoulders

Message me for more details

That's all folks


I have had the pleasure to work with the following extremely talented people:


JP Photo's
Pirate Media #499120
Images by Itani #370853
R W Billington
La Images #500046 X 3
Paul Webster #491907
Dave Charsley #242950 X 2
Ravensblood #411327
Infinite Exposure #689859
Scaramouche Photography #732373
Daniel Bennett - Mampam Conservation
Heatherandellie #456840
Orange Sparkle #473711
Stacey Smith - Indie Visuals
Juniho #300708
Andy Wild Photography #535749
James Alexander Photo #815992


Druidess of Midian #186189
Ravensblood #411327
Kira Kruegar #149681
Sohuiii #404650
Ms Kirani Nightshade #491297
Sarah Louise Miller #428055

Makeup Artists

Kara #335541 X 2
Angela Sapphire Forrest #356329
Lauren #547461
HTMUA #669539
Bridget Mandy Taylor #504365


Mampam Conservation -
Tokyo Royale
Torture Couture
Deadly Creations
Apocalypse Girls
Darkstar by Jordash


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