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Model, Actress, Singer. I have been singing since I was 18 months old. I am a model for runway fashion shows. I am a part of Fan Film panels for Science Fiction Conventions, Trektrax in Atlanta, and Alabama Phoenix Festival : Fan Film. I do costume for charity. I do make up for cosplay, fashion shows, photography, fan films, films. I do voice over and voice acting for Star Trek Valkyrie *Guest star roles* , for Star Trek Grissom I play Lieutenant Saavik. I play Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Maura Drake for Project Potemkin. Played a Music Executive in Outlaw Film Productions: Those Limey Bastards. Closing Time, Starfleet Officer Doctor Maura Drake, CMO USS Potekmin.

I enjoy modeling, and costume contests. I enjoy helping people with their independent movies and fan films.

Live in Birmingham with my husband Tim and feline Leo.

Enjoy photography, singing and writing.


Music Executive on "Those Limey Bastards."

Doctor Maura Drake, Chief Medical Officer:

Captain Alexandria Kole Star Trek Reliant:

Project Potemkin Closing Time:


24 Jun 14 17:45
24 Jun 14 17:44
Star Trek Project Potemkin, Albany GA, Doctor Maura Drake, CMO,
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