About Me

Hello! My name is Cici. I was born in China. I'm a lively, open, and bright type of person. I love to dance, shoot movies and listen to music.


19 Jun 15 02:26
I am in the process of networking with models; if you are interested a shoot I would love to talk with you! Please have a look @ my page it has my website where I showcase alot of my works & my FB page where I share casting info! Have a nice day!
31 May 15 18:37
You've got a great portfolio going and looking forward to more great images of you in the future.
06 May 15 10:13
Welcome to iStudio Zeng. I wish you great success in this upcoming year I look forward in collaborate with you in near future.
06 May 15 08:48
Absolutely stunning. I Wish you lived in the U.S. as I would love to work with you. What a beautiful lady.
20 Mar 15 21:01
All Beautiful !
08 Mar 15 08:40
Great look!
02 Mar 15 19:09
Nice work!
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