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About Me

I have always loved photography. From the time I was young, still to this day. However, it has taken me quite a while to realize that I should be doing this as my actual profession, not just a hobby or side-project.

I am currently enrolled at Brown College in Mendota Heights, Minnesota to pursue my dreams of being a professional photographer.

I am willing to shoot just about any genre out there, but I want to focus MAINLY on a more morbid, horror, gore-type style. I have always loved horror movies. Blood and guts to not bother me and I want to incorporate this into my photography.

I basically want people to look at my work and see this bloody mess, but be so enthralled in it that they cannot look away. I want them to see the beauty in death, blood and mayhem, just as I do.

As I said, I am just a poor college student right now, so anything I shoot will strickly have to be TF. Hopefully once I am done with college, that will all change.

If you feel I can benefit you or you can benefit me, PLEASE contact me on here or Facebook.