About Me

Welcome to my Sedcard ...

For photographers who want to work with me :

I am booked for photo shoots many ways - but I work for lack of time as good as not on TFP basis . There are only a very few exceptions , when the wavelength , the style of the pictures and the ideas are right. Since I am clamped timed so that's just unfortunately very limited.

Who has ( serious ) interested in cooperation , best write me a message , then we can not ideas , possibly speak prices and details .

I find it 's always about quality rather than quantity , which means that I , a high standard of image quality , say the results have What I do not thrilling , especially for artistic or valuable holding , I do not .

You should still know I'm forgiven HAPPY .



21 Jun 15 17:29
Sexy port!
12 Jun 15 09:59
Outstanding photographs, you are a joy to view
11 Jun 15 02:53
Lovely Portfolio... I look forward to seeing more of your work.... Keep up the good work sweetheart!
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