About Me

I'm a passionate and intelligent 20 year old model. I have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. I've competed gymnastics for 9 years and have that extra skill to aid in photo shoots. I study Biomedical Engineering at Uconn but love reading, writing, drawing, modeling, and exercising in my free time. I read mostly nonfiction but write both fiction and nonfiction. I have experience with artistic and fashion photoshoots. I like novelty and as a creative, am drawn to paint modeling, cosplay, and artistic photoshoots. I'm excited to get into the modeling industry and offer my skills!


23 Oct 15 12:13
Smart and pretty... I'd love to work with you...
16 Oct 15 16:08
Outstanding photographs, and you are a joy to view...
10 Oct 15 18:52
Nice work!
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