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Hello, I'm Jason. Thanks for stopping by. Would love your comments and tags. Add me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jasonschulz.0129

** LOCATION: I'm currently in LOS ANGELES

Los Angeles presently


- MY PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Commercial, event, fashion, corporate, artistic, portfolio, glamor, architectural and general photography services:


I love photography and enjoy shooting all types, from buildings and fields to fashion and commercial. I'll shoot classy, artistic even edgy and sexy glamor and implied shots that celebrate feminine beauty but I will not shoot or publish any explicit or tasteless nudes. I prefer shots that invoke emotion while leaving something to the imagination by focusing on the beauty that comes from hair, lips and eyes, body lines and curves, angels, light and shadows.

I often times collaborate on creative and artistic ideas and will shoot TF with select models but may ask for a model release in exchange. I love creating and experimenting with new ideas while having fun so let's imagineer something unique!

- MY FILM PRODUCTION: AMERICAN VIKING PRODUCTIONS, INC. ~ Specializing in offering production services to Swedish, Scandinavian and international clients filming in Los Angeles, Las Vegas & the USA:


** GOD **
Need a spiritual lift? Ask me about the Bible study I occasionally attend, Models For Christ. It's exclusively for people working in the fashion industry: Models, Photographers, MUA, Designers, etc. Meeting weekly in Hollywood. It's a refreshing break from the self absorbed and neurotic lifestyle that surrounds us.



Model Mayhem IDs:

Abaroa #1056575
Destiny Monique #28747
Jazmin Franco #537055
Lily Shanti #1287702
Jamie Michelle #364628
Koa-Marie #522195
Liselott #1244521
Aneliese #604553
Rachel Swimmer #719796
Cali-Luv #19545
Kandi #690785
Josephine #137467
Daria #686154
Alex #807218
Erin #349920
Lexi # #409144
Heather # 491519
Lexie # 725534
Amanda # 301900
Mylene #24630
Miko # 490665
Cheyenne # 597650
Aleona #544322
Nova #766503
Sarah #114974
Kari Ann # 585348
JTCleve #108990
Rosalynd #13444
Tatyana #7615
Rebecca #45777
Gothness # 3460
Lisa #512121
Rachael # 625521


03 Jan 17 16:22
Nice Photos :)
22 May 13 02:45
Thank you!!! Love your work!!!
28 Oct 11 15:09
Thank you for FR. LOVE your work! Brenda
15 Jun 10 08:19
Hi, and welcome to iStudio!
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