About Me

I am Sheku S. Kamara, CEO of Genius Art Pictures, I am an actor, director and producer born in Freetown Sierra Leone, in the West of Africa. I have lived and experienced diverse cultures, beliefs and way of life. Born in Africa living in Europe, a story to behold.

After going through Secondary education in Africa, I had to move to Europe to further my studies, which began in Belgium and eventually continued in London United Kingdom. Studying in London is like a dream come true and the first day I arrived in the UK I had butterflies in my stomach because it seems like all a dream to me. With all the love and everything the industry is about, I had always keen on directing and producing movies, documentaries and a whole lot.

I started directing in 2011 and I have gone through productions such as Genesis Movie World, Great Stand Production, Sierracom Movies, Sajem West, Leonewood Entertainment and a host of others. My acting experience spans from theatre, film, documentaries and television soap. As an actor, I am very choosy at times and always meticulous about scripts and roles because my personality is a picky one and highly sensitive. It's funny at times how I react to actors that does what I used to do, now that am on the side as a director.

I do act as a director for various productions and movie companies in the UK. One of those is Story Tellerz Entertainment that present a talk show titled "Let's Talk About It", a social awareness programme that discuss and debate issues affecting our daily activities and our social lifestyles. I do produce movies as well and one thing I always do is to challenge myself in involving in movies that have low or no budget and support them to success.

I am great and funny to be with my friends say most of the time because they believe am a helpful person and hate seeing someone in a difficult situation. However, the one thing about me that scares at times is that I do not joke when working but interestingly, all the people around me and those I work with have come to realise that that's me and are fine with it, the funniest thing about me is that I could be too chatty at times but it's always good, right? My best moments is having dinner - funny as it sounds but that's true, it always feels special especially with a genuine person.